lunedì 29 novembre 2010

Never leave your education !

I strongly recommend this movie..Every young girl can easily relate to it! It made me think about how us, young people always want to find a shortcut to the life we have always dreamed of. It may seem the easiest path but ..are you ready to take the risks?

Enjoyed every minute of it! Absolutely loved it!


4 commenti:

Diane ha detto...

Never mind this movie, have you seen last week's ep of GG? It made my heart melt...


Summer ha detto...

I did see that movie! I agree with you! Great movie :)
PS: I just watched the lifetime movie "Sunday at Tiffany's" online and it was so good! :) Come visit me soon!

xoxo Summer

Anonimo ha detto...

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- David

Ariana ha detto...

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